Best Probiotics for Babies

Probiotics for Babies and Toddlers

Today’s pregnant women are more tuned in to the health of their unborn than at any time ever. Studies show how lifestyle choices of the mum-to-be can have a long lasting impact on the child she is carrying. Needless to say, modern day women take a very keen interest in their pregnancy.

We live in the “information era’ where everything is at our fingertips – literally. Because of this, women, get to take more control of their pregnancy than previous generations. They also care for their own body more during this special time. They can do this because they know more than their own mothers and grandmothers ever did. One area a lot of pregnant women look to these days is the health benefits of probiotics for baby.

How the Best Probiotics for Babies Help

The bacteria present within the body of an expectant mother are important. It can influence the unborn child’s health in various ways:

  • The beneficial bacteria of the mother help to create fatty acids and vitamins. These are necessary for infant development.
  • Bad microbes are inhibited by the top rated probiotics for babies in the vagina. These microbes may otherwise cause several types of infections. In some cases this can force the mother into early labor.
  • As the child passes through the birth canal, it gets introduced to microbes present within the cervix of the mother.
  • Probiotics for baby’s health promote appropriate immune reaction within the mother. Studies show of the benefits that can get passed down to the child. When this happens, there’s a reduced risk of childhood allergies.

Microflora population may increase rapidly after the birth of the baby. Vaginal birth from that of healthy mother will have an excellent supply of good, beneficial bacteria. This can prove to be a wonderful way to kick-start the baby’s health and development. Another fabulous source of gut bacteria for babies is from breastfeeding. The reason for this is because breast milk can contain prebiotics. In brief, prebiotics help to stimulate the growth of the good bacteria.

Combine probiotics with prebiotics and you get a powerful and influential presence in your gut. Needless to say, a mother’s milk can help any baby to thrive in those early days of development. In fact, the good bacteria colonize in breast fed babies within the first week of them being born.

Probiotics for Baby Reviews

As a mother, or a mother-to-be, the best source of information and support is from others just like you. Read up on some of the probiotics for babies’ reviews and see what others have said.

In general, infant probiotics are slower to colonize in babies. This is especially true for babies born through C- section or have been bottle fed. This causes concern when good bacteria are slow to colonize. The way to stop the bad bacteria getting in first and upsetting the immune system is through infant probiotics.

Quite a few probiotic products have emerged to counter this imbalance in newborns. Many of the probiotic for baby brands work well at settling the baby’s digestion. As this happens, the child’s immune system gets a boost and the baby becomes happier and healthier because of it.