Whole Food Probiotics

In this article we look at the best whole food probiotic brands and review the top rated whole foods probiotics.

Our Top Rated Whole Food Probiotics

Our top rated whole foods probiotics brand is the Garden of Life brand. Garden of Life produce high quality probiotic supplements using whole food ingredients and they have a range of supplements with something to suit everyone.

Whole Food Probiotics

Some of the reasons we rate the Garden of Life brand of probiotic supplements include:

  • High strength formulations (50+ billion CFUs)
  • Multi-strain products
  • High quality ingredients
  • USA manufactured


What are Probiotics?


A happy digestive system means a happy immune system, and this is where natural probiotics can help. Whole foods probiotics differ from other probiotic supplements in a few important ways.

Probiotics boost levels of good bacteria (gut flora) in your digestive tract, improving the health and balance of your body’s collective microbiome, or bacterial community.

While there are foods that contain good bacteria (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus) found in yogurt, fermented foods like live cultured pickles, or kefir, almost everybody can benefit greatly from take probiotic supplements.


Benefits of Taking Probiotics


As well as the increased ability to digest food and enhance your immune system response, probiotics can help with the following:


  • Reduces negative affects of taking many types of antibiotics
  • Aids in preventing and treating colon inflammation following surgery
  • Helps to prevent eczema in youth
  • Therapeutic for viral respiratory tract infections by enhancing the overall immune system
  • Reduces lactose intolerance
  • Reduces incidence of yeast infection, vaginitis and candidiasis
  • Increases ability to assimilate the nutrients from food
  • Alleviates many common digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea and IBS
  • Acts as a treatment for halitosis (bad breath)
  • Increases ability to synthesize vitamin B
  • Increases ability to absorb calcium
  • Promotes anti-tumor and anti-cancer activity in the body.


Whole Food Probiotics


Whole food probiotics supplements are more like natural probiotics so are a step above normal probiotic supplements. In the manufacturing process of probiotics, beneficial bacterial organisms are grown, or cultured, within a growth medium which supports their colonisation.


The difference between whole food probiotics and other probiotic supplements is the use of natural foods as the growth medium which means they are more easily accepted by the body. They have the potential for being broken down properly so the resulting by products can be utilised by the body.



Top Rated Whole Foods Probiotics


There are a few natural probiotic brands offering products cultured in whole food mediums, and they usually refer to this on the front label of the product. They usually cost more than other probiotic supplements because it can cost significantly more to make them, especially if they are raw probiotics or certified as organic probiotics.


Top rated whole food probiotics brands include Garden of Life, New Chapter, and Optiflora®, which are readily available online and in most health food stores. (NB: *Some probiotic products need to be kept chilled, so you’ll need to consider using an online provider who can support this.)


  • Garden of Life


Garden of Life is one of the top rated whole food probiotic brands, which can be bought online. Their fantastic range of Raw Probiotics offer various options for specific to your needs, for example, vegetarian capsules for women, men, over 50s, and probiotics digestive powder for kids.


Garden of Life – RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care (30 Vcap®)
One of the best raw probiotics on the market, this excellent product has a very high potency, which is guaranteed until the product expiration date. It has a very broad spectrum of diverse probiotics strains, which makes it one of the most expensive. Cool or refrigerated transport and storage is required to maintain the 100 billion potency, and there is no stomach acid protection (so without refrigeration and stomach acid protection, only a small fraction of the 100 billion will likely reach the gut).



  • New Chapter

New Chapter whole food probiotic nutrients are more than food supplements – they are supplemental food because they are cultured with beneficial live probiotics. You can be confident knowing that their products are non-GMO project verified and made with nourishing vegetables.


CoQ10+ Food Complex – Whole-Food Complexed CoQ10 for Antioxidant & Cardiovascular Support (30 and 60 Vcap® sizes):
With Whole Probiotic-Cultured Nutrients, CoQ10+ Food Complex delivers essential nutrients in a safe and active form within the infinite complexity of food. Whole-food complexed CoQ10 combats oxidative stress and supports multiple facets of cardiovascular health. It’s probiotic-cultured nutrients provide a broad spectrum of phytonutrients and ferment metabolites, including isoflavones and beta-glucans. You’ll find this once-daily formula is easy to take, easy to digest, and can be taken anytime—even on an empty stomach!



  • Shaklee Optiflora®


Shaklee® Optiflora Prebiotic & Probiotic System® is a unique two-product digestive health system that provides dietary support for normal, healthy intestinal microflora. Once the probiotics are delivered to the digestive system, prebiotics can deliver important nutrients that healthy intestinal bacteria need to grow and thrive.


Shaklee® Optiflora Prebiotic & Probiotic System® (30 Servings):
This amazing one of a kind system is reasonably priced product not only tastes good, but does your digestive system a lot of good. The seamless capsules are guaranteed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver live beneficial bacteria to the intestine.



Health care message

If you have digestive concerns, be sure to check with your health care practitioner. Probiotic supplements are considered generally safe for most people. Side effects, if any, are typically reported to be quite mild and usually subside on their own within 1-2 weeks. Two populations who are cautioned to speak with their doctors before using these products are people who are currently takin immunosuppressant medications and those whose immune systems are known to be compromised.


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Whole Food Probiotics – Garden of Life Probiotics – Whole Food Within a Capsule

Among the most sold products in today’s “health market” are nutritional supplements. In fact, millions of people across the globe are now dependent on some form of vitamin supplementation on a regular basis.

Some people consume digestive enzymes and various herbal supplements. The types and varieties available are overwhelming to say the least.

But the question is this: are all the supplements equal? The answer to that is a resounding NO.

Some supplements act as nothing more than placebos. This is not because they don’t contain the right ingredients as such. It’s more to do with their inability to deliver those ingredients effectively once inside the body.

In other words, they get excreted without leaving any real benefits behind. This is where the term “expensive pee” derives from.

Other times, supplements may fail to deliver because the one taking them fails to follow the correct procedure.

Cheap Supplements are Cheap for a Reason!

There are many manufacturers that produce mineral supplements and isolated vitamins on the cheap. But just as there are substandard supplements, there are also those that do deliver on their promise.

Garden of Life probiotics has set new standards in the domain of nutritional supplements. They offer natural whole food probiotics thus combining nature with science.

The Best Whole Food Probiotics

The best whole food probiotic includes a wide range of spectrum probiotic formula. These powerful whole food formulas contain beneficial live microorganisms and plenty of goodness.

Let’s take the “Perfect Food Super Green Formula” to illustrate. This has more greens per serving than any other leading green food formulas out there.

Some less than trustworthy brands may load their products with non-greens and various fillers. Some of these non-greens do have important ingredients and offer some nutritional benefits.

Perfect Food Super Green Formula Powder actually contains over 8000mg of greens per serving. This super green formula contains anti-oxidant green whole grasses and a wide range of digestive enzymes. There are also whole vegetables (with their juices) and sea vegetables, but it doesn’t stop there. Perfect Food Super Green also has micro algae and broad based whole food vitamins. These include mineral supplements, herbs, mushroom, vegetables and various functional foods.

Top Rated Whole Food Probiotics

Most whole food probiotic reviews unite in their praise for these products. They talk of the real health benefits of natural, reputable whole food probiotic brands.

These products are more food than isolated vitamins. They are certainly easy to metabolize and absorb. The good news is that you can’t overdose on them. If you did consume more than your body needs, there would not be any kind of toxic side effects.

The other thing is that natural probiotics comprise of phytonutrients and micronutrients. Let’s look at these in brief.

Phytonutrients are substances found in certain plants. They are beneficial to human health and help to prevent various diseases.

Micronutrients are substances required for the normal growth and development of living organisms.

Both phytonutrients and micronutrients are otherwise absent in synthetic or isolated minerals and vitamins. A few of the nutrients are cofactors, necessary for assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients.

Several active phytonutrients function synergistically. This basically means the beneficial effects may increase during actual consumption. Some nutrients are not active biologically by themselves. However, the other active ingredients may potentiate or increase the effects.

You can find organic probiotics quite easily. They come in different brands but remember, not all brands are equal. It’s not what we read on the front of the label that’s important; it’s what’s on the back of the product that needs our attention.

Organic probiotics do come with a higher price. Even so, it’s never a good idea to compromise on the quality of raw probiotics just to make a bit of a saving. Health is one of the few areas where we should always buy the best that we can afford.

Furthermore, cheaper products will more than likely be lacking in nutritional value. Some may even fail to deliver anything at all, thus making them a total waste of money.