Soil Based Probiotics

About Soil Based Probiotics

This article will tell you all about soil based probiotics; what they are, why you might consider taking them, the benefits and the scientific research supporting their use. We also discuss the downsides to taking soil based probiotics (also called soil based organisms).

Despite taking your morning shower, there are still trillions of bacteria lingering on your skin. Furthermore, trillions of bacteria take up permanent residence within your gut at birth. When a newborn makes contact with the mother’s vaginal fluids, it provides the bacterial preparation for life. This exposure to bacteria during birth may contribute to a decreased incidence of allergies. It may also help to reduce the risk of other potential health conditions too. Some of these include asthma and celiac disease, to name but two.

Few revelations have come about with regards to bacterial study. What we know is thanks largely to the introduction of gene mapping and gene isolation methods. Scientists nowadays have powerful tools at their disposal. They use these tools to study the complex world of bacteria in all its forms. Thanks to these advances in modern science, we now understand a lot more about the role of probiotics. It is a traditional organism rooted within inherent viability. These are the soil based probiotics or soil based organisms (SBO).

How Beneficial Are Soil Based Probiotics?

We use the term SBO to refer to a new class of probiotic supplements. These are based on a much greater understanding of the remarkable diversity in the human gut. Experts now have a real in-depth appreciation of how humans and the good bacteria function together. We understand how essential this fine balance is for producing a healthy system.

In the scientific community, they refer to soil based bacteria as spore-forming bacteria. It has the capability to “seed” the digestive tract. This is the bacteria that can support and flourish in a balanced microbiome. The microbiome is an environment for microorganisms, like a mini ecology. It helps to perform several important functions like digestion and immune support. This microbiome is crucial for maintaining human health. However, when things go wrong it can also contribute to disease.

A few characteristics highlighted in soil based probiotic reviews include the following:


SBOs are very stable when compared to other probiotics that are not derived from soil. SBOs do not need any kind of special preservatives or coatings either. Other, non SBO probiotics do need special preservatives or coatings. They need them so that a clinically relevant amount reaches the appropriate areas of the gut unharmed.

Naturally Resistant

The soil organism structure is naturally resistant to the harsh environment of the stomach and upper digestive tract.

Where to Buy Soil Based Probiotics

Now days you can buy top rated soil based probiotics from a number of different companies. This is a product that is certainly worth considering. SBOs adapt well to the gut’s environment and remain within the human digestive track. Because of this, the long term benefits are great. The best SBO probiotics are those based in the bacteria’s symbiotic communities. These are found naturally in the soil or environment. In biology, symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together.

SBO probiotics are not harvested direct from the earth before bottling. They are actually produced within a sterile, safe environment, and one that ensures strain specificity.