Probiotic Suppositories

The Probiotic Vaginal Suppository

The “good” bacteria in our system play a crucial role in vaginal and intestinal health. Unfriendly bacteria can, and sometimes does, migrate to urethra, causing urinary tract infections. This is why it’s important to keep a healthy population of “good bacteria” in our bodies at all times. It’s what helps to keep the existing “bad” bacteria under control. Whenever anyone has digestive symptoms and/or discomfort, it’s a sign that the good to bad bacteria balance is out of whack. In other words, the “bad” bacteria have outnumbered the “good” bacteria.

The purpose of probiotic vaginal suppositories is to help treat and maintain flora. This in turn treats and prevents future growth of fungus and the harmful bacteria. The probiotics convert lactose in the vagina into lactic acid. When this happens, your body is better able to keep the vaginal acidity level in the normal range, thus preventing yeast and ‘bad’ bacteria from reproducing.

Probiotics – Suppository Options

There is a whole range of microbes living in a woman’s vagina. In fact, there is a pool of over 50 species in all. Lactobacilli are the most common, at least in healthy women. The microbiota (a collective term for microorganisms) can sometimes change composition rapidly. The reasons for this are not always clear. When this change does occur, infection can often follow.

Oral probiotics provide good bacteria dosage. When taken as suggested, they can help to redress the bacterial imbalance in the gut. For the vagina, probiotics are best administered in a different way. Lactobacillus crispatus vaginal suppositories are one option. All clinical trials have shown them to be both safe and effective. When taken as prescribed, vaginal suppositories can prevent urinary tract infections from recurring.

In a healthy woman, it is the lactobcillus bacteria that dominate her vaginal flora. There are lots of other species too, each of varying strains. The main cause of vaginal yeast infections is bacterial imbalance in the vaginal flora. This just means that there are not enough “friendly” or good bacteria to fend off the bad.

More women than ever before are looking to probiotics to treat vaginal yeast infection. This has even become the focus of many studies. Sadly, there are a growing number of candida yeast infections among women, though the reasons are not totally clear. There’s a chance that diet and lifestyle may play a role, as they often do in most health related matters.

The best thing any woman can do for her vaginal health is to maintain good bacterial balance. An upset in the balance between bacteria and yeast distribution in the vagina is the root cause of most problems. When this imbalance occurs, an infection with coccobacilli bacteria becomes more likely.

Shopping for Probiotic Suppositories

The best place to order probiotic vaginal suppositories is online. The most important thing about buying anything on the web is to shop smart. All that means is to buy from a reputable store. It’s crucial that cut price products from sites you know nothing about don’t tempt you. If in doubt, just do a search for reviews so that you can check out the reputation of the site selling the item, as well as the ingredients used in the product. Once you have found your quality product, it’s then just a case of sticking with it.

A Word of Warning on Probiotic Suppositories

It’s important to seek medical guidance if you have any doubts or you have more questions than answers.